Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Simple Church Media?

At Simple Church Media, we strive to resource the Church in a way that impacts the Kingdom. We are Gospel-focused first, design-focused second, and business-focused last. Because of this value structure, we believe we are truly providing the best graphic design service that exists. Our designers are incredibly talented and we like to think our systems are pretty slick too; so hopefully this combo keeps things truly simple for you and makes us the best choice.

What does unlimited mean?

We strive to offer the best bang for your buck while also providing the highest quality designs possible. Unlimited is only limited to the amount of time it takes for our designers to finish your project. If the designs are really simple and are clearly communicated then we may be able to finish multiple requests in a day for you. More complex designs will take longer but your designer will be working on it every day. The average request takes 2-3 business days depending on complexity. The more clearly you describe what you want in the Design Request Form, the faster you will receive your designs and the higher the quality will be.

Who owns the designs after they’re finished?

You own every design we create for you and are welcome to use it however you wish.

What kind of graphics design requests will you do?

It’s probably easier to list what we don’t do as there are so many rad design styles and requests that we get, the list is kind of endless. For our Church Planter Plan we do limit the complexity of the designs to keep the price affordable for all church sizes. Simple Designs* do not include logos, style guides, custom bulletins, or multi-page designs. Complex Designs* include nearly anything you can think of as long as it is can be described effectively through an email/web form. Obviously, the more complex a design is the longer it will take to complete, and we appreciate your patience with complex projects.

How do I submit a design request?

Submitting a design request is easy using our Design Request Form. Simply fill out all the necessary fields including what the purpose of the design is (sermon series, social media, event promotion, etc), tell us the desired file formats and image sizes, give us a few style examples, and upload any media/graphics/logos that you want incorporated. After you submit your design request,one of our graphics designers will get to work right away. When the design is completed you’ll receive an email from your project manager with a link to download your design files. If you have any revisions, simply respond the email we send you and tell us what you’d like changed.

How many revisions can I make?

We will work on your design until you are 100% satisfied. Most revisions will take 1 business day but more complex revisions may take longer.

Have more questions?

Fill out the contact form and let us know how we can best serve you: